Proud Source Water makes new home in Jackson County

A new production facility has made its way to Jackson County. Proud Source Water is originally from Idaho but has now opened its second location in Marianna.

Director of Business Development Zach Gilmore announced the company’s arrival Tuesday at the Jackson County Board of County Commissioner meeting.

Proud Source Water cans natural alkaline spring water in 100% recyclable aluminum. The water is also filtered locally, in the Apalachicola Forest Region.

Gilmore says the new facility is north of Marianna, near Campbellton, and is expected to bring several jobs to Jackson County.

“We’re excited because it’s another win for Jackson County, any win is a big win,” Gilmore said. “It’s bringing jobs and, like I said earlier, it’s definitely going to bring some revenue when it comes to Ad Valorem tax to the county.”

We’re told Proud Source Water has already begun production, and one can of water from Jackson County has already been seen as far away as New York.

Posted October 16, 2021

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4318 Lafayette Street
Marianna, Florida 32446